Four DOs For Writers

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DO stay focused. Don’t waste your energy on ultimately unimportant issues such as social media likes, comments, and so on. It is nice to be noticed, but don’t let it rule your writing life.

DO put the writing first. Publication of your writing will come in time. Be patient.

DO be positive and gracious in your dealings with editors and other writers. Even if you are the most talented writer this side of Shakespeare, no one likes working with a prima donna or an asshole.

DO set aside time for yourself every day, to write. Let me be clear here—you should be composing. Not making notes or any other form of procrastination. You should be creating a piece of writing. It should be at the same time every day and in the same place. I recommend a quiet den or home office, but that’s just me. You don’t need a long time, just 10 minutes or so. Just set the writing routine in motion.

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